Structural Rehabilitation - Structural rehabilitation is a blend of physiotherapy, chiropractic, manual therapy and soft tissue massage, bracing, postural strengthening and frequency specific microcurrent.  All are designed to relieve pain quickly and focus on the structural, muscular and soft tissue component all at the same time.   By using these comprehensive therapies together, it allows the problem to be addressed beneath the surface.  This tier is for patients suffering from problems such as, but not limited to, low back pain, neck pain, degenerative disc disease, scoliosis, muscle/ joint pain, headaches and injury.


Functional Medicine - Functional medicine operates on the idea that people get sick because the internal environment of their bodies becomes out of balance.  This can be caused by stress, poor diet, hormone imbalances, environmental toxins or even medications.  This tier incorporates nutritional programs and diet recommendation, hormone balancing, digestive rebuilds, alkalizing the body, supervised detoxification of heavy metals and metabolic waste, and immune system regulation.  Patients with fatigue, hormone issues, thyroid problems, digestive problems, diabetes, autoimmune conditions like Lupus or even allergies would be ideal candidates for this treatment option.


Neurologic Rehabilitation - There is more known today about the brain’s basic functions and nervous system than ever before.  With that understanding comes new ways of evaluating and rehabilitating nerve functions.  Although there is no cure for complex diseases like fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis or Parkinson’s Disease, when you increase the nervous system’s ability to function, the quality of life changes for the better.


Dr. Hilby is the only doctor certified in Nevada to perform NeuroCranial Integration. 

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Since having a stroke in 2011, I had problems with balance, lack of feeling on my left side, and I did not have the feelings of being hungry or full. After several visits to Dr. Hilby, and following her advice on vitamins, some of the feelings have returned and continue to gradually improve. Thank you so much!


Robb, Las Vegas, NV

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