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Nutritional products are from several highly rated sources. If you are on a program with Northwest Wellness Center, Dr. Hilby will provide all products required during your program. If you wish to purchase products after your program has completed, please follow directions below.


Metagenics Supplements

 All products are available for you to order from Metagenics.com. Products are shipped to directly to your home.

  • 20% off all first-time orders 

  • 10% off all ‘Recurring Orders’ 

  • Free Ground Shipping on all orders 



Thorne Supplements

All products are available for you to order from Thorne.com. Products are shipped directly to your home.

  • Go to www.thorne.com

  • Click on profile icon (green box in upper right corner next to the shopping cart)

  • Click on 'I'm a New Customer' blue bar

  • Under Patient Registration hit green bar 'Create Account'

  • Register your information

  • Enter referral code: HCP1098086

  • Submit application



Chirothin is a unique, proprietary blend of aminos that is used in conjunction with a healthy food plan to jumpstart any weight loss program. Used as a stand-alone program, the average woman loses around 20 pounds in the six week duration, while the average man loses around 30 pounds.  The obvious legal mumbo-jumbo is that these are not guaranteed results.  But, I can say I have not known of any patient who has completed the program correctly and not had these types of results. To learn more about this amazing product call for an appointment.  I often suggest that patients use this in conjunction with the food sensitivity testing to maximize the health benefit of the foods you are eating. 



Dr. Hilby is the only doctor in Las Vegas to use Chirothin.  To order, call 702-759-3210.


Chirothin Testimonial

My husband and I recently started the Chirothin weight-loss program, we are beginning day 5 of 42. My start weight was 139, I'm down to 134! I have lost 5 pounds! My husband started at 185, he's down to 177; he's lost 8 pounds! Very happy with this wonderful start! Darlene R.


Stymco Electrical Stimulation Units and Braces

Electrotherapy at Home! Healing benefits of Electrotherapy include pain/inflammation reduction, reduced need for pain medications, increased range of motion and it is portable! This is often covered by your PPO, non-federally funded insurance.  Ordered at the office only, based on medical necessity. 


Braces for neck, back, knee are also available for those who qualify under their insurance program.  If you wish to pay cash, instead of using your insurance, let us know. We are here to serve you.



Cryoderm Spray

Spray-on pain relief with long lasting effects.  Cryoderm contains: Arnica, Boswella, Eucalyptus, Ilex, MSM, Peppermint Oil, Purified Water and SD Alcohol 39-C.