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Dr. Brenda Hilby, Chiropractor


Brenda is very passionate about her patients’ health and their ability to make informed decisions. As a Chiropractor, she offers educational opportunities on a variety of health topics.  She was graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College – Los Angeles in 1999.  From there she moved to Virginia and practiced for five years, before moving to Las Vegas.  Doctor Hilby has been in practice since 2005 in Las Vegas.

When not working, I love to find interesting things to keep my mind occupied.  Check out one of my favorite places in town:  Live Escape Adventure! It is a great time!


Lorie C. Fitzpatrick, Office Manager


Lorie comes to Las Vegas via Virginia where she worked in the hospitality industry as well as helped to build Aircraft Carriers at the Northrop Grumman Shipyard.  She is meticulously organized and very involved in the day-to-day operations of the office.  She works both from the office and some days from home.  She is able to answer any questions regarding our office policies while on your way to a healthier life.


Logan C. Hilby, Lab(rador) Tech


Logan hails from Logandale, NV and works the morning shift as the official greeter.  He can answer no questions, but will wag his tail and ask for scratches behind his ears.  He has three furry siblings who are not as calm as he, therefore they spend their mornings at home.