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"Only three things in life cause our spine to come out of alignment: everything physical, everything chemical and everything emotional. We call this stress. Health and wellness is when the body is in harmony regarding these three forces."


- Dr. Brenda L. Hilby, Chiropractor

Structural Rehabilitation - A Chiropractor focuses on structural rehabilitation,  a blend of physiotherapy, chiropractic, manual therapy and soft tissue massage, bracing, postural strengthening and frequency specific microcurrent. Read more...

Functional Medicine - As a Chiropractor, Dr. Hilby operates on the idea that people get sick because the internal environment of their bodies becomes out of balance. Read more...

Neurologic Rehabilitation - There is more known today about the brain’s basic functions and nervous system than ever before. Read more...

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Back and neck pain

Food Sensitivity Testing

Digestive disorders

Auto-Immune Disorders



Weight Loss

Client Testimonial


Since having a stroke in 2011, I had problems with balance, lack of feeling on my left side, and I did not have the feelings of being hungry or full. After several visits to Dr. Hilby, a Chiropractor, and following her advice on vitamins, some of the feelings have returned and continue to gradually improve. Thank you so much!


Robb, Las Vegas, NV

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